Here I Am

Well, it’s been a fun pandemic eh?

Freaking oof.

I want to apologize to everyone for straight up disappearing. Sometimes life gets too heavy to carry the all of the extra weight. Some things fall apart without you even knowing, until you’re in a room unpacking all of your things and just sobbing. Forever.

Depression is awesome.

But I am here, I never meant to let go of Spruce Knits, but it was too heavy to hold onto. I never meant to stop writing, but it felt like tooooo much. The weight of unfinished projects, the feeling that I am disappointing everyone around me. The barely hanging on and not being able to do everything while taking care of my children.

So instead of taking a break, I just quit.

Sometimes you need to just drop all the extra ish and take care of yourself. And that’s what I did, with the help of my amazing and understanding family.

I feel stronger now. Able to slowly come back into my own. Slowly bring myself back to Spruce Knits and all good that Spruce Knits can do.

Thanks for hanging around. Thanks for being here all along.